Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cell Phones in Learning Radio Show: Wed March 11th, Interview with Suzette Kleiwer from K-Nect

Link to the Recording of the Show.
We talk with Suzette Kliewer who is a math teacher in the K-Nect project in North Carolina. She talks about how she has been using Smartphones with her math students.

Chat Room Transcript:
Liz Kolb:Hi everyone
Liz Kolb:
Liz Kolb:
Liz Kolb:Jarrod is using QRcodes for Orienteering
Liz Kolb:Hi Peggy!
Peggy_G:Hi Liz
Jeff Stanzler:
Jeff Stanzler:
Jeff Stanzler:Hi, Peggy
Peggy_G:Hi Jeff-thanks for those links :-)
Liz Kolb:
Peggy_G:This is great to hear from Suzette! Our keynote speaker at MEC yesterday mentioned projectknect and described everything they were doing with it in the UK-David Whyley :-)
Liz Kolb:She is wonderful! I'm so glad this interview is recorded! My preservice teachers will benefit from this
Peggy_G:The kinds of projects David Whyley described were incredible and the students were totally engaged!
Liz Kolb:Mobi control here
Liz Kolb:The software they use to see student data on any cell phone
Peggy_G:David showed us his projector phone where he could project what was on his mobile device to the screen for all of us to see.
Liz Kolb:Cool! I have yet to see one live, Liz!
Liz Kolb:Hi Richard! So glad you joined us
Peggy_G:it sounds like the students were soooo motivated!
Liz Kolb:Awesome to hear that teachers are getting excited about using cell phones
Peggy_G:Reminds me of the quote: to teach is to learn twice :-) so powerful for the kids to teach other kids!, there could be a new rubric, a new way to assess predicated on video?
Liz Kolb:@Richard..Good Point! I'll ask about assessment
Peggy_G:that project gave her a voice!! :-) Wow!
Jeff Stanzler:isn't that something!
Peggy_G:what a powerful eportfolio the students are creating by sharing their videos :-)
Liz Kolb:@Peggy YES!
Peggy_G:that kind of assessment is so much better than a rubric :-)
Peggy_G:peer review and conversation and not just teacher judgement
Peggy_G:how creative! enter answers on cell phone but can IM other students for assistance. I love it!
Peggy_G:it is a true community of learners! Excellent model Suzette! lost you all....
Peggy_G:just ran out of time :-) what a great show! Thanks Liz, Jeff AND Suzette!
Liz Kolb:Thanks everyone!
Jeff Stanzler:Thanks so much...
Liz Kolb:Will post the chat on my blog

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I agree with this.

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