Thursday, April 25, 2013

ClassWith.Us A New SMS Parent-Teacher Communication Tool

ClassWith.Us is a brand new text alert tool that focuses on parent-teacher communication.  The focus is on making sure that the teacher can easily let parents know about a child's progress in school on a daily basis.  I can see this tool being extremely helpful in elementary classrooms, where the teacher can give a quick update at the end of each week.  I also can see how this tool could be helpful with students with special needs or students who come from families where texting is a primary form of communication.  For example a student may come from a family that is more comfortable with text messages than having to speak with a teacher on the phone.  The ClassWith.Us website archives all communication between parents and teacher.  In addition, it makes allowances for non-traditional families, allowing all people involved in the parenting to see the communication about the student.  I could see this portion of the service being helpful for divorced or single parents who may not communicate well with their child's other parent.  ClassWith.Us has a free portion but if you want any "extra" features such as file attachments or multiple messages sent each day, you would have to pay for the "paid" version.

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Parental involvement in children’s learning is very important, however, it can be challenging for schools to establish appropriate relationships with parents. This texting tool would suit many parents as it offers a quick update on their child’s day at school and it doesn’t require parent/ teacher meetings or phone calls unless specifically requested.
A collaborative relationship with parents has a positive impact on children’s academic achievement, as well as reassuring parents that providing the best learning environment for their child is everyone's goal. Parents and teachers are sometimes labelled as being ‘worlds apart’ because they often have conflicting opinions and feelings about children and their learning. This text alert tool would keep parents informed on a daily/ weekly basis about their child’s learning, behaviour and social interactions. The teacher would also benefit from receiving home updates.

Doxie C said...

I know this is an older blog post but thought you would want to know that this website closed on January 2014. I would have liked to use this tool because communication has always been important....even the times I really didn't want to contact the parents!

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