Tuesday, August 30, 2011

iVoted new Free SMS polling

I have recently been using a resource called iVoted. It is for live polling, similiar to Polleverywhere, LetsGoVote and SMSpoll. iVoted has a free package (up to 25 votes per poll with unlimited polls). The polls must be multiple choice, but they are very easy to generate. In addition one can respond to the polls via email, sms text, twitter, or the web. There are some options with voting and results.


Drake said...

Greetings fellow ed tech enthusiasts,

I wanted to let everyone know that CELLY group texting now has SMS polling. Create group polls instantly and have people respond via SMS text messaging or from a web browser. You can review the results live from your phone or computer.

Learn the how to setup an SMS poll: here

or for more info visit: Celly

Celly Advocate
Twitter: @draketellier

Mobile said...

Really this new technology bring a change into the voting and it will be proved workable.

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Ivoted is a new way to tally polls and create one of your own. I highly recommend using it.

iPhone Insurance Credits said...

iVoted is providing a new look to the voting process.And this is a very good effort..

Home Construction said...

Yes I voting makes voting interesting and easy ..I really like i voting .

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Anonymous said...

You should try Fowiz, an Android based voting solution. No additional hardware, software or complex setups, just install it on your Android phone, manage campaigns via fowiz cloud. Get the app from Google Play Store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fowiz.app

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