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Cell Phones in Learning Radio Show Oct 21st: MS Principal Dr. Kipp Rogers--Using Cell Phones in His School

Chat Transcript:
*** (19:19:47):Welcome to the Liz Kolb Chat Room.
Liz Kolb says (19:30:13):
Hi Jym
JymBrittain says to (19:30:24):
Hi Liz!
JymBrittain says to (19:30:50):
I shared your tweet to my fb account. I'm hoping a bunch of my friends show
Liz Kolb says (19:31:50):
Liz Kolb says (19:32:37):
Thank you Jym!
Liz Kolb says (19:32:43):
Hi Peggy!!
Peggy_G says to (19:33:28):
HI-I was having problems finding the chat box!
Liz Kolb says (19:33:39):
Oh No!
Peggy_G says to (19:34:49):
I got a chance to drop the link for your book and sing your praises today on a webinar re mobile learning with Training Magazine Network. :-)
Liz Kolb says (19:35:34):
YAY! Peggy you rock! Thank you
Peggy_G says to (19:35:57):
This is such a great story!!
Liz Kolb says (19:36:04):
Love him
Peggy_G says to (19:36:44):
WE just need to listen to the kids :-)
JymBrittain says to (19:36:58):
I'm presenting to a doc level class on monday on mobile tools for teaching and learning. doing a 3 hour workshop on the topic in march
Peggy_G says to (19:37:41):
I'll bet the kids are begging to get into his classes!
Peggy_G says to (19:39:02):
I'd love to hear more about how he is collecting his data :-)
Liz Kolb says (19:39:48):
I love how he encourages his teachers to use them!
Peggy_G says to (19:40:16):
JymBrittain says to (19:40:21):
quite a change from most administrators
Liz Kolb says (19:40:37):
@Jym Oh yes!
JymBrittain says to (19:40:58):
there's some good work coming out of ontario too
Peggy_G says to (19:41:05):
often it isn't the school administrators that are creating the school policy about cell phones--it's often the district administrators
Peggy_G says to (19:41:58):
great idea!
Liz Kolb says (19:43:42):
3rd year!!!!
Liz Kolb says (19:44:18):
Talking with Dr Kipp Rogers MS Principal Using Cell Phones in LEarning
Peggy_G says to (19:44:46):
that's such a brilliant way to start!! That's what Tim Tyson did when he introduced blogging to his teachers :-) Then the second year they were all expected to blog!
Peggy_G says to (19:47:00):
good idea--important for kids to know if they have unlimited texting!
Peggy_G says to (19:48:37):
digital footprints!! :-)
JymBrittain says to (19:49:02):
I'm not getting any audio. I'll catch the podcast later.
Peggy_G says to (19:50:20):
so sorry JymBrittain!
Liz Kolb says (19:50:44):
Peggy_G says to (19:51:37):
isn't that amazing!! they almost all have cell phones!
Peggy_G says to (19:52:11):
@Jim-do your students resist using their cell phones for learning?
Peggy_G says to (19:52:28):
what an enlightened principal!!!
Liz Kolb says (19:52:39):
Liz Kolb says (19:53:29):
Peggy--will ask
Peggy_G says to (19:53:46):
I definitely plan to share this recording with some of my principal friends!! It is so inspiring!
Peggy_G says to (19:55:08):
such a great point about using a variety of ways to communicate with parents! I'm sure they appreciate it!
Peggy_G says to (19:55:26):
Peggy_G says to (19:56:43):
I love that they can't say they lost their homework because they always have their cell phone with them.
Liz Kolb says (19:57:06):
@Peggy I agree!!
Peggy_G says to (19:58:23):
Jim needs to take his story on the road!! Districts would love to hear these first-hand experiences from a principal!
Liz Kolb says (19:58:34):
I'll tell him!!!!
Peggy_G says to (19:59:14):
Tell the teachers/principals to get started the same way he did! That is such an effective strategy!
Peggy_G says to (20:00:35):
How about NECC/ISTE 2010?
Liz Kolb says (20:00:45):
Anytime Anywhere Mobile Learning Using Cell Phones Activities for the Classroom. Technology & Education
Peggy_G says to (20:00:47):
need a link for his book :-)
Peggy_G says to (20:01:50):
sounds wonderful!
Peggy_G says to (20:02:16):
Thanks for another great show Liz!
Liz Kolb says (20:02:18):
Let me get the link!
Peggy_G says to (20:02:23):
Liz Kolb says (20:03:58):
I can't find it but will post on my blog!
Liz Kolb says (20:04:09):
Peggy Thanks for joining us! Isn't Kipp wonderful!
Peggy_G says to (20:04:15):
ok-I'll look there or google it :-)
Peggy_G says to (20:04:22):
Liz Kolb says (20:05:22):
Link to Kpp's Book:


Mp3 Touch Screen said...

This is a very good informative blog...

lolosita said...

Hey Liz!
I just FINALLY got the U of M Education hats and your book! I'm so excited to begin reading it and catch up on some of the radio shows... I'm also working on having my students create a 5 minute radio broadcast later this year, based on some ideas I got at the Allied Media Conference this summer, so it's good to know about blogtalkradio!

Take care and thanks!

Medicineworld said...

This was very informative blog, thanks

CHCF said...

I love the classroom implementation ideas that Dr. Rogers discussed. Our high school band teacher allows students to use cell phones to download and record music so that they can learn their parts.

Thanks for the great information

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