Saturday, August 8, 2009

Homework Quizes Via Phonevite

Wow! I'm really enjoying the ease of a resource called Phonevite. Phonevite allows you to record a message, send it to 25 people at one time on a scheduled time! You can also request an "RSVP" or "Message-Back". Therefore after recipiants hear the message on their phone, they are asked to immediately reply. The message can go back to the teachers' Phonevite private account where all the messages are compiled. The "RSVP" messages are multiple choice options (think quick multiple choice reviews--on the fly!), while the "Message-Back" messages are open-ended replies (this speaking quizzes, exams, reviews, discussions, summaries, elaborations, and speeches). In addition your original recordings are all saved in Phonevite so that you could send out the same recording message to different groups of students every school year (no need to reinvent the wheel!).

Accessibility for those without cell phones because Phonevite works with a landline, cell phone, or computer microphone to record. Phonevite also calls you! Rather than having to worry about dialing a long distance number, Phonevite will do the calling. In addition if students do not have access to a phone at all, they can receive the Phonevite messages via email (it appears as an MP3 file).

Limitations for Free Account: With the Free Account you can program a broadcast to up to 25 contacts (up to twice every 30 days).

Classroom Applications!
Quizzes and Exams
This is a wonderful tool for any type of speaking quiz or oral exam. You could tell students when to expect the quiz (since you can schedule a time) or you can do some "quizzes on the fly" by sending them out randomly. Because students need to respond immediately, they need to be prepared for the quiz that might come their way!

Homework Reviews
Instead of asking students to respond to the questions in the back of the book, we could do some homework questions or summaries orally via Phonevite.


Medianewstime said...

Good post, thanks

comfortably souther said...

Very interesting. I will check it out and add it to my list of efficiency tools.

Unknown said...

what a wonderful tool!
thank you for sharing..

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Michelle said...

Phonevite is ok, but I prefer using for awhile and love it!

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