Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cell Phones in Learning Radio Show: Wed June 17th: Conversation with Developer of

Liz Kolb says (00:32:22):
Welcome everyone!
Jeff Stanzler says to (00:35:12):
Elizabeth Hartnell_Young's work at University of Mottingham in England:
Jeff Stanzler says to (00:35:17):
Jeff Stanzler says to (00:35:20):
Jeff Stanzler says to (00:35:38):
Jeff Stanzler says to (00:35:40):
Liz Kolb says (00:37:11):
Jeff Stanzler says to (00:37:40):
Other Hattnell-Young link:
Jeff Stanzler says to (00:42:29):
Jeff Stanzler says to (00:42:43):
Can you turn it up a bit, Liz?
Liz Kolb says (00:43:07):
That is all I can do
Jeff Stanzler says to (00:43:10):
Jeff Stanzler says to (00:43:50):
Liz Kolb says (00:46:51):
Hi Cheri - Can You Hear?
CheriToledo says to (00:46:55):
CheriToledo says to (00:47:06):
I was in before but wanted to be able to comment, so i logged in
Liz Kolb says (00:47:16):
CheriToledo says to (00:47:19):
thanks to you, i'm using yodio
Liz Kolb says (00:47:38):
Whohoo..thank Jimbo Lamb! He showed me
CheriToledo says to (00:48:19):
It's working great and several of my grad students will use it with their K-12 students
CheriToledo says to (00:48:38):
this is a recording, right?
Liz Kolb says (00:48:40):
Clay is going to talk about future of Yodio ap..great things are coming our way
Liz Kolb says (00:48:49):
@cheri YES!
CheriToledo says to (00:49:21):
Do you post the archive of the show?
Liz Kolb says (00:49:51):
Yes, on my blog (within 24 hrs)
CheriToledo says to (00:50:09):
great, thanks! I'll direct my students there
CheriToledo says to (00:54:01):
What did you use to create the recording? Yodio?
Liz Kolb says (00:54:20):
Liz Kolb says (00:54:56):
It's Free and can record up to 200 people on one conf call at a time
Liz Kolb says (01:00:28):
Thank You for joining Us!
Jeff Stanzler says to (01:00:36):
CheriToledo says to (01:00:42):
Liz Kolb says (01:00:49):
Thank you Cheri!
CheriToledo says to (01:01:15):
wow - it cut you off at the end didn't it

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Technology-blog said...

I gained a new appreciation for some of the possibilities for using cells as learning tools. I'm glad we had the chance to hear your reasoning behind their use in the curriculum as well as real life examples of how they are used in classrooms now.


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