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Cell Phones in Learning Radio Show Wed June 3rd: Preservice Teachers Talk about Cell Phone Use in Student Teaching

Chat Transcript:
Liz Kolb says (00:24:59):
Welcome to the show! Tonight we are talking with four student teachers (recently graduated) who used cell phones in learning during their student teaching.@anlingua @galvinse @kglupker @refranco
Jeff Stanzler says to (00:32:07):
Liz Kolb says (00:33:22):
Rena Franco World History teacher used cell phones during Imperialism unit
Liz Kolb says (00:33:28):
Hi Peggy
Peggy_G says to (00:34:00):
Hi Liz and Jeff
troutner says to (00:34:39):
Joanne Troutner from Indiana here thanks to tweet from Liz
Liz Kolb says (00:34:54):
Hi Joanne Thanks for joining
Peggy_G says to (00:35:37):
sorry I missed the beginning--curious if the student teachers had any issues getting permission to use cell phones in their classrooms?
Liz Kolb says (00:35:44):
Katie---9th grade English--Romeo and Juliet
Liz Kolb says (00:35:53):
Liz Kolb says (00:36:07):
@Peggy good question will ask...
Peggy_G says to (00:36:10):
excellent idea!!
Jeff Stanzler says to (00:36:19):
Hi, Joanne
Jeff Stanzler says to (00:36:26):
Hi, Peggy!
Peggy_G says to (00:36:41):
what percent of the students chose to call in their assignment?
Peggy_G says to (00:38:19):
that makes sense--homework so no issues with permission :-)
Peggy_G says to (00:39:18):
what a high compliment from your mentor teacher!! :-)
Peggy_G says to (00:40:04):
that is so exciting that you had that kind of impact on the other teachers in the school!
Liz Kolb says (00:40:26):
@Peggy I agree...a great way for student teachers to teach the vets!
Peggy_G says to (00:40:45):
absolutely!! definitely helps when applying for a job!
Liz Kolb says (00:42:28):
Example of a blog post from a student teacher about their wiffiti cell phone project
Peggy_G says to (00:45:32):
did you grade those assignments differently whether they used cell phones or not?
Peggy_G says to (00:46:18):
I think 50% was a great response for something so new and different for them!
Jeff Stanzler says to (00:46:25):
I agree, peggy.
Peggy_G says to (00:47:34):
a long distance charge would definitely be a problem
Peggy_G says to (00:48:10):
I had a lot of university students who tried to use that same excuse--blame it on the technology if the assignment was missing :-)
Paul R Wood says to (00:49:23):
Just got home from work.
Liz Kolb says (00:49:23):
Time to teach how to make sure the technology saved...make students responsible for their own back-up!
Liz Kolb says (00:49:26):
Hi Paul
Jeff Stanzler says to (00:49:33):
Welcome, Paul!
Paul R Wood says to (00:49:42):
Hi Liz Hi Jeff
Peggy_G says to (00:49:47):
interesting thought about the retention of information--seems to me the cell phone experience would definitely help with the retention--just like we remember the field trips from our school days!
Paul R Wood says to (00:50:26):
I always think when you are working in the student's world the memory will be better.
Peggy_G says to (00:51:09):
it seems like the more you use the tool the more comfortable the students become and the focus can be more on the content than the tool
Liz Kolb says (00:51:19):
@peggy good point about comfort
Jeff Stanzler says to (00:51:23):
Peggy_G says to (00:52:49):
lots of times (for teachers and kids alike) you need a chance to "Play" with the tool before you do something for "real"--maybe they could have tried that??
Paul R Wood says to (00:53:22):
The play part could come from trying different ways to use the tool.
Peggy_G says to (00:53:36):
that is fantastic analysis of the learning experience! you already sound like an awesome teacher!!
Paul R Wood says to (00:53:43):
We always have to model appropriate uses.
Jeff Stanzler says to (00:53:57):
Katie IS a special're so right, Peggy.
Liz Kolb says (00:54:01):
Interesting how we as teachers also present and think of cell phones as toys even when we are using them as tools. Good lesson on how to model the way we want students to use the devices.
Paul R Wood says to (00:55:19):
@Liz I don't know I see a netbook as a toy but my real tool for so many things is my phone.
troutner says to (00:56:02):
Any teaching about how to make quick notes to help with the oral piece?
Liz Kolb says (00:56:55):
@Paul good point!! I need an iPhone!
Jeff Stanzler says to (00:57:01):
Joanne, I'm not sure that I grasp your question...could you reframe it for me?
Peggy_G says to (00:57:27):
many people don't like to hear their own voices on microphones/recordings regardless of whether it's a cell phone or not
Peggy_G says to (00:58:24):
voicethread might provide a good beginning experiece for recording their voices as responses to something
Peggy_G says to (00:58:58):
those are great ideas!!
Paul R Wood says to (00:59:09):
Most phones have mp3 capability now so should work well
Jeff Stanzler says to (00:59:10):
That's a good suggestion (VT), Peggy
Peggy_G says to (00:59:19):
so wise!! start small!!
Paul R Wood says to (00:59:35):
Good points
Peggy_G says to (00:59:59):
what excellent information!! As a former principal I would love to hire both of you!!!!
troutner says to (01:00:11):
I'm thinking having students jot some quick note before doing the cell phone call would be good.
Liz Kolb says (01:00:12):
Thank you all for joining us!
Paul R Wood says to (01:00:26):
Good luck and thanks all
Peggy_G says to (01:00:26):
blogtalkradio is definitely not tolerant of any spare minutes!!
Liz Kolb says (01:00:38):
Katie and Rena are on twitter at @refranco and @kglupker
Peggy_G says to (01:01:16):
Good luck to Katie and Rena!! Thanks for their twitter names! I'll follow them :-)
Liz Kolb says (01:01:24):
@Peggy Thank you! They will love that!
Peggy_G says to (01:02:18):
Thanks for another great conversation Liz and Jeff!

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