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Cell Phones in Learning Radio Show: Wed May 20th: Interview with California Educator Joe Wood

Chat Transcript:
Liz Kolb says (00:31:47):
Welcome everyone! We are talking with Joe Wood today!
Liz Kolb says (00:34:31):
Is anyone having a hard time hearing Jeff?
Peggy_G says to (00:34:45):
Hi-was just about to ask about the audio-very hard to hear
Peggy_G says to (00:35:15):
your audio is excellent, Liz
Liz Kolb says (00:35:47):
Peggy_G says to (00:36:23):
yes hyperlinks :-) great
Jeff Stanzler says to (00:37:09):
Peggy_G says to (00:37:47):
how does it compare with some of the other reminders like Remember the Milk ?
Peggy_G says to (00:38:46):
that's a great tip about asking for educator accounts (free)
Peggy_G says to (00:39:07):
remember the milk has reminders on Google calendars which I can get on my iphone
Peggy_G says to (00:39:36):
Paul Wood??
Paul R Wood says to (00:39:50):
Joe Wood. I am Paul Wood
Jeff Stanzler says to (00:39:56):
Joe Wood is our guest
Peggy_G says to (00:40:06):
Wow! 2 famous Woods :-)
Liz Kolb says (00:40:07):
Paul R Wood says to (00:40:20):
I was about to say I like his last name.
Liz Kolb says (00:40:20):
Hi Paul!
Paul R Wood says to (00:40:26):
Hey Liz.
Paul R Wood says to (00:40:33):
Hey Jeff
Jeff Stanzler says to (00:40:55):
Hi, Paul
Jeff Stanzler says to (00:41:00):
Peggy_G says to (00:41:26):
always exciting to hear from teachers who are using cell phones in their classrooms :-)
Peggy_G says to (00:42:10):
can we follow Joe on Twitter?
Liz Kolb says (00:42:27):
Yes @ucdjoe on twitter
Peggy_G says to (00:42:44):
Liz Kolb says (00:42:47):
Hi Richard! Thanks for joining says to (00:42:59):
Liz Kolb says (00:45:11):
Peggy_G says to (00:45:28):
that is always amazing to me! when we opened the wireless on a Friday night for a conference event, within 10 minutes there were at least 50 students on it :-) Resourceful!!
Paul R Wood says to (00:46:04):
The kids will always find the hot spots.
Jeff Stanzler says to (00:46:14):
@peggy: Wow! That's remarkable...
Peggy_G says to (00:46:40):
those are all such great suggestions! says to (00:48:04):
I haven't tried this yet, but Nokia's PointAndFind might be highly relevant to the image/science lessons here. says to (00:48:13):
Liz Kolb says (00:49:20):
Jeff we are having a hard time hearing you again
Jeff Stanzler says to (00:49:33):
is it better now?
Peggy_G says to (00:50:03):
not really
Jeff Stanzler says to (00:50:17):
ok...I better call back in, Thanks, Peggy.
Peggy_G says to (00:51:35):
those are such important conversations to have about ethical behaviors and such an important reason for allowing cell phones in school
Jeff Stanzler says to (00:52:07):
YES! As a wise person I know says...I do opportunties, not problems ;-)
kchichester says to (00:52:09):
Joe also has his own podcast. . He has lots to share. He tweets but not that often. He is more active on facebook.
Paul R Wood says to (00:52:10):
We have to model for our students the best ways to use these tools.
Jeff Stanzler says to (00:52:41):
@kchichester: Thanks for the info.
Peggy_G says to (00:53:07):
great link for Joe's podcasts! thanks!
kchichester says to (00:53:48):
I'm a big fan of Joe.
Liz Kolb says (00:54:11):
Peggy_G says to (00:54:25):
I love the studycasts for downloading to ipods to help with studying for tests, learning vocabulary, etc.
Liz Kolb says (00:54:43):
Peggy can you link us to that site?
Peggy_G says to (00:55:25):
Peggy_G says to (00:55:32):
Brent Coley's site
Jeff Stanzler says to (00:55:37):
kchichester says to (00:55:47):
@ Liz Kolb I was a guest on his show. When he found out I was from metro Detroit, the first thing he wanted to know is if I knew you.
Paul R Wood says to (00:56:31):
Parents are more than happy to have someone show the students what is going on and how to get more out of the tool
Peggy_G says to (00:56:56):
what's your favorite SMS/cell phone polling/survey system?
Peggy_G says to (00:57:31):
that is true- No overtime for BlogTalkRadio :-) says to (00:59:17):
Thanks, Joe.
Paul R Wood says to (00:59:22):
Thanks Joe. Thanks Liz & Jeff.
Peggy_G says to (00:59:25):
free or paid version?
Paul R Wood says to (00:59:32):
Polleverywhere is a great one to use.
Peggy_G says to (00:59:37):
thank you all! great show!
Jeff Stanzler says to (00:59:40):
Thanks, Joe!!
Liz Kolb says (01:00:06):
Thank you everyone for joining us! Isn't Joe fantastic!!!
Peggy_G says to (01:00:11):
thanks :-)
Paul R Wood says to (01:00:14):
I actually use the smallest paid version of polleverywhere.
Liz Kolb says (01:00:30):
@paul for more responses?
Peggy_G says to (01:00:33):
limit is 30 people, right?
Paul R Wood says to (01:00:52):
I even allow students to put together polls as they teach review sessions on our subjects
Paul R Wood says to (01:01:04):
I think it is 50 responses
Jeff Stanzler says to (01:01:09):
What a cool idea, Paul.
Peggy_G says to (01:01:21):
fantastic suggestions Paul!
Peggy_G says to (01:01:35):
they learn so much more (and remember it) when they are creating the reviews
Liz Kolb says (01:01:38):
@paul I love the idea of students creating the polls and coming up with new ways to use cells in learning! Let them focus on the educative value of the phone
Paul R Wood says to (01:01:40):
Had a student pur together 10 questions on the book Friday Night Lights and asked short answer questions
Liz Kolb says (01:02:02):
I bet she loved that assignment!
Liz Kolb says (01:02:10):
And probably remembers a lot from the book
Paul R Wood says to (01:02:19):
Plus my accountant makes it worthwhile with those unreimbursed expenses for school
Jeff Stanzler says to (01:02:22):
@Paul: Giving the kids owndership...terrific
Peggy_G says to (01:02:27):
Quizlet is also great for students to create questions online but I don't think you can do it with cell phones-just internet based
Jeff Stanzler says to (01:02:50):
@peggy: I'll have to check that one out.
Liz Kolb says (01:03:00):
@peggy there is a mobile quiz (that is SMS) I cannot remember the name though
Paul R Wood says to (01:03:35):
Liz are you in Detroit?
Peggy_G says to (01:03:58):
Quizlet was created by a 15-year old and it has millions of users!! :-) amazing tool!
Liz Kolb says (01:04:08):
here it is
Peggy_G says to (01:04:17):
thanks Liz
Paul R Wood says to (01:04:29):
Will need to look those over
Liz Kolb says (01:04:36):
Right outside of Detroit in Ann is Jeff
Paul R Wood says to (01:04:53):
Your Tigers are killing my Rangers in baseball.
Jeff Stanzler says to (01:04:58):
Thanks, everyone...sorry to drop out on you, Liz!
Liz Kolb says (01:05:09):
Ha! Was just at a game over the weekend
Peggy_G says to (01:05:28):
Great show! Thanks!
Liz Kolb says (01:05:27):
@Jeff hey, that is technology!
Paul R Wood says to (01:05:38):
Thanks for all you and Jeff do for us. Enjoyed the show.

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Jesmi said...

Paul Wood who is the technology coordinator at a private Catholic school in Texas will be our guest. He will share some of the interesting ways he and his teachers are using students' own cell phones in learning.

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