Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cell Phones in Learning Radio Show: Wed March 25th, Interview with Matt Cook

Jeff and I had a wonderful interview with Matt Cook. Matt is a 5th grade teacher in Texas who started using Smartphones with his students in January.

Please join us in two weeks, April 8th at 8:30pmEST for an interview with Brad Gessler from

Chat Transcript
Liz Kolb:Welcome!
Liz Kolb:I just shared
Jeff Stanzler:The Extraordinaries;
Liz Kolb:We are talking with Matt Cook about his work with 5th graders and cell phones
Liz Kolb:Information about Matt's Project
Liz Kolb:Article about Matt's project
baldfury:any suggestions on what you would do different next time?
Jeff Stanzler:we'll ask that one, baldfury...thanks
Liz Kolb: Matt's Software
baldfury:thanks Jeff were all about appropriate use here in Manitoba....
Jeff Stanzler:I hear you, baldfury
baldfury:NIce wheelin' and dealin' Matt congrats
Liz Kolb::)
baldfury:thanks a lot for this everyone :D
Liz Kolb:Thanks for joining us

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