Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cell Phones in Learning Radio Show is BACK!! AND Improved!

Starting this Wednesday, Feb. 11th. Cell Phones in Learning's live radio show will return at our new time...8:30 pm. It is a 30 minute show (so it can be your lead-in to the EdTechTalk 9:00pm shows).

First, let me say that I could not host alone. I found it too difficult to monitor the chat room and speak coherently at the same time. Therefore I have brought on board my co-instructor at Michigan, Jeff Stanzler. His twitter ID is "stanz". Jeff has a background in both education technology and foundations. He is in charge of an innovative technology project at Michigan, which includes web-based simulations pairing university students and K-12 classrooms. I am so excited to have Jeff as a co-host. Not only is he very interested in the topic of 21st Century learning and cell phones, but he found our first interview for the upcoming broadcast!!!

Our guest this week is a high school teacher named Larry Liu. Larry is a former student of Jeff's and mine. Larry is now teaching in Michigan and using both cell phones and Facebook with his high school students!!! You will have to tune in on Wednesday to learn more about Larry's innovative project! We will be broadcasting through BlogTalkRadio. Below is the link to our broadcast! Please Join Us!

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I have been following Ms. Liz Kolb on this subject matter and listened to her radio show. We do share this vision and are committed to providing efficient teacher controlled K12 SMS messaging solutions.

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