Sunday, January 18, 2009

Students Become iReporters at Inauguration!

News organizations are eager for those perfect inauguration pictures and videos! There are many opportunities for students to snap a few pictures (or take some video) and possible get them published through a popular news organization. A great opportunity for students to take advantage of their cell phones and turn them into data collecting tools for journalism!

I just read a great post from Andy Carvin, about the students at Worcester Academy in Massachusetts who are documenting their inaugural experiences via their own cell phones. They have a mobile Flickr account, a YouTube account, a Twitter account and a blog where they are sending their pictures, videos, and text messages about their inaugural experiences. What could be more authentic social studies, data collection, and data analysis than this!!???

Here are a few places that inauguration student goers can send their media and participate as iReporters...

1) CBS News (CBS EyeMobile)
Send to:

2) CNN iReport
Send to:

3) The New York Times
Send to: with your full name and the location where the picture was taken

4) PBS Newshour Speak Out Podcast for Student Reactions
Call in: to the Gabcast number and record your reaction to the Inauguration (call Lizzy Berryman, Director of the Teacher Center, at 703.998.2182 to get the Gabcast number and pin).

5) NPR Inauguration Report
Send Videos:
Upload your video to your own YouTube account and tag it either inaug09 or dctrip09.
Send Pictures:
Using your Flickr account, upload pictures and tag them inaug09 or dctrip09.
Send Text:
Send a text message to 66937. Begin the message with the phrase #inaug09 or #dctrip09. You can include a ZIP code or one of the location tags

6) Photobucket Obama Album
Send Videos and Pictures to your Photobucket account. Then post to the collective album here.


Joe said...

I sent this to some non-edtech friends who are currently in DC for tomorrow's festivities. They are planning on using your links. Thanks for posting!

Unknown said...


VoiceThread is also doing an inauguration compilation. And since VT supports imports from Flickr and most cell phones can post pics to Flickr, there is a natural connection.

Kyle Brumbaugh
Woodside HS
Woodside, CA

Anonymous said...

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