Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Survey Results: Favorite Cell to Web or Web to Cell tool!

I asked my educator friends on twitter to share their favorite cell to web or web to cell application. I want to thank everyone who replied. There were some of the expected outcomes such as Google sms or Flickr Mobile, but I was surprised at how many more obscure sites were referenced. A few of those that stand out are Loopt, Evernote, and Mofuse. Below are the ranked results.
#1) Flickr Mobile
#2) Polleverywhere
#3) Twitter
#4) Google sms, Dial2do, Netvibes, Mofuse, Jott, Qik, Pingfm, mobile gmail, mobile myvocal, Evernote, Loopt, OperaMini, Utterli (formerly Utterz).

tomgrissom @lkolb polleverywhere and dial2do

zecool @lkolb Web to mobile/cell: Mofuse. It makes my blog (Blogger) easily readible from cell. Can add comments, switch to standard view, etc.

KevinByers @lkolb Mine Now if I could only get cell phones unbanned. I'm working on it!

paulrwood @lkolb my students use their phones for Google sms and polleverywhere in my classes.

drezac @lkolb twitter and jott

zemote @lkolb evernote is my favorite, followed by qik

dougsymington @lkolb Flickr may be best mobile web, tho pingfm and netvibes good too. Twitterberry one I use a lot on BB

mguhlin @lkolb Fav tool--email images/video to Flickr. You can't beat that when doing a workshop. "You're on the Web NOW." Response:"Wow

patsko @lkolb and

tonitones @lkolb OperaMini closely followed by utterli or qipit

klmontgomery @lkolb Twitter Poll - My favorites are Mobile Fotos (Flickr) and JustUpdate (Twitter) for iPhone.

bjmcdonald @lkolb gotta be Flickr

ucdjoe As much as I might sound like a high school student, my favorite is the Facebook app, followed by Twitterific and Loopt.

Vote for your favorite! Feel free to add a comment if your favoite is not an option.

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