Thursday, October 23, 2008

Radio Show #3: Cell Phone Cameras for Curriculum-Based Learning

Transcript from Chat:
Liz Kolb:Welcome to Cell Phones in Learning...Today's topic: Taking advantage of camera phones to connect with content learning
Liz Kolb:
Peggy_G:Great to hear you Liz. Squeezing this in before the ISTE webinar.
Liz Kolb:
Liz Kolb:
Peggy_G:Photobucket is one of the widgets that works on Wetpaint wikis
Liz Kolb:
Peggy_G:probably ads :-(
Peggy_G:what great suggestions for LastSpotted-can't wait to share them! :-)
Meccanized:wouldn;t it be easy to cheat with picture-hpone assignments? what with the bluetooth and picture messaging
Liz Kolb:
Peggy_G:excellent response about ways to redefine the assignments to make them more open-ended to encourage conversation
Liz Kolb:
Peggy_G:Oh I love the addition of Geek of Week for Mobile :-)
Peggy_G:what a fun, motivating vocabulary activity with!
Liz Kolb:
Peggy_G:how great to have an alternative to JOTT that is free :-)
Meccanized:wait....u can listen to ur text? wth?
Peggy_G:that is incredibly exciting! I can't wait to explore it! so many features!!
Peggy_G:Definitely do a blog post about that!!
Peggy_G:Love your 30 minute show Liz! Just perfect and allows plenty of time to give examples. Thanks!
Liz Kolb:Thanks for joining me! DId I miss any resources?
Peggy_G:Nothing you can't continue with next week.
Peggy_G:Off to the ISTE webinar on blogging :-) Thanks!
Liz Kolb:@meccanized...YES you listen to text with your cell phone
Liz Kolb:Thanks Peggy!
Peggy_G:see you next week!

Next Broadcast will be in 2 weeks on Wed. November 5th between 2-3:30 (TBA). Topic will be: Creating Professional Development for Teachers Interested in Integrating Cell Phones in their Curriculum.

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