Monday, July 7, 2008

Sendible...Another Mobile Text Messaging Service

I have often posted about Jott, a service that creates voice to text messages for specific groups of people or individuals. A few days ago I posted about AbbyMe. A service that will send voice messages to mobile phones in mass at a specific date and time. While I love Jott and am starting to explore AbbyMe, it is important to be aware of all the mobile messaging services and compare them. Another service Sendible is similar expect instead of voice messages it sends text messages to phones at a specific date and time. Additionally the message can even be repeated (weekly, daily, annual..etc). For example I put all of my family and friend's birthdays (you can even import them from Facebook) into sendible so that every year I get a text message on their birthday. Or I could even set up Sendible so that every year a text message is sent directly to my friends on their birthdays. While it is fun to send birthdays, there are some nice classroom connections.

Staying in Touch
The ability to stay in touch with students AFTER they are finished for the school year. By sending an annual or monthly message, you can better stay connected with them as they progress through their education. Sometimes this could be very encouraging to students.

As with AbbyMe and Jott, you can send reminders to students via text. In sendible you have the option of setting up specific dates and times to send and receive messages so you can set all your reminders up at one time. For example you could set up a homework for the week reminder service in one sitting (rather than recalling Jott multiple times). You also get a nice "log" of past messages so rather than recreating a new one (for the next school year or next week), you can simple use the old message and resend it to the new students.

Hearing Impaired Students
While AbbyMe is nice for Visually Impaired students, Sendible works well for students who are hearing impaired because it only uses text messages (rather than voice).


Anonymous said...

Hi Liz.
I have read your post and found it really interesting. I have signed up to sendible, and can see many opportunities to use this to enhance the student experience. I have put some of my ideas down in my blog-
I have referenced this post as the inspiration! Thanks for the great link and your ideas on how to use mobile phones in a much more engaging way to aid learning.

Liz Kolb, Ph.D. said...

You are welcome. Good ideas on your post! Thanks for the reference

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