Tuesday, March 25, 2008

ReQall: A phone management tool for students w/out Internet Access

Reqall is a free web-based service that allows anyone to call (U.S., Canada, or UK) a number (1-888-973-7255 for U.S./CA), and you can then say your message reminder to yourself. ReQall gives you up to 1 minute to say your message. ReQall will transcribe your message to text and put it in your private file on the web. You can also call ReQall and instead of adding a new message you can say "ReQall" to hear an old message that you left for yourself (or that someone else left for you). Since you can only record for 1 minute, it is not a service for long interviews or practicing debates, just notes, reminders, and quick oral language practice. ReQall also has folders to organize your ideas, such as saying "note" before starting your message, so your message will show up in a specific "notes" folder on ReQall's website. ReQall is very similar to Jott. The main differences I see between the two applications is that Jott links up with outside resources such as Twitter, Google calendar, or LiveJournal. Currently ReQall does not do this. But ReQall allows you to hear your message and other messages via cell phone or landline, so you don't have to have Internet access to hear your notes and reminders (while Jott can do something similar I find it more confusing). This is a nice feature for students who have cell phones, but do not have Internet access at home.

Classroom Connections:
Utilizing ReQall, students could use their cell phone as their sole management tool. Besides sending themselves reminder messages with ReQall, it also allows students to send messages to others. For example, students could send messages to their teacher's ReQall accounts. This could be great resource for field trips, when teachers want to check-up on students to make sure they are documenting their learning experience during the field trip. The teacher could ask the student's to ReQall a short message or note concerning different learning experiences, and send the message to the teacher. Furthermore, the message from the student will immediately show up in the ReQall box of the teacher, so the teacher just has to call ReQall from their cell phone. Additionally, all the notes are saved to the students and teacher's ReQall account on the web. All of this can happen in real-time during the field trip.

Another interesting way to use ReQall (or Jott) would be with ESL students and students who have speech disabilities. Since ReQall automatically transcribes every message, students can see (within a few minutes of the call) the written transcript. If the student's spoken English was annunciated well, their transcript should have few text errors.


Charlie Roy said...

Does Requall have the group feature that Jott does. Our teachers are starting to use Jott to notify their students of homework assignments. It is working pretty well.

Liz Kolb, Ph.D. said...

Great to hear about the positive experience with Jott and your teachers! Yes, ReQall does have the group feature, but I would stick with Jott. ReQall still has some weaknesses in my opinion and if Jott is working---no need to change.

Thanks for the comment! Would love to hear more about the progress with Jott when you have updates.

Unknown said...

I'm using reQall over 8 months ago and I feel that Jott is not as perfect as reQall, and this is a great product actually, check out the new version of reQall, i guess now we can leave a Voice message to our group.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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Patrick said...

Yeah we use jott but dont know how this will perform. Good to know there are alternatives just in case..

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