Saturday, March 29, 2008

Marching Band, Vocal Music, Choral Groups...Create a Mobile Music Campaign!

Using the resource Mozes, anyone can create a free (for 180 days) mobile campaign. Mozes is similar to TextMarks. The real power of Mozes is that it targets musical groups. This resource has the potential to be a fantastic tool for school instrumental and vocal musical groups to publish and promote their original songs and musical pieces. Here is how...once teachers create an account with Mozes, they create a mobile "keyword" such as "huronband" or "choralsongs". The keyword is what anyone can type into their mobile phone and send to the standard Mozes number (66937). They will then receive a message from the musical group and will have the option to subscribe to new information about the group. For example the high school "show singers" could send out mass text messages updating their event schedule, or advertising a new DVD that they are trying to sell. Also, in the mobile message, the musical group can include a ringtone, video, or image (great for advertising the group's latest song or DVD cover). The teacher can exclusively hold the password to the account, so they could approve all mobile messages sent out. In addition, Mozes allows the teacher (and students) to keep track of the number of subscribers. The teacher can "moderate" subscribers, so they can select to accept or deny them access to the mobile campaign (again, this gives the teacher some control over who is getting the information). Subscribers can comment on the messages/media sent to them, which allows feedback for the students. But the nice thing is that the teacher can moderate comments before they show up on the class Mozes website. Finally, my favorite part of Mozes is that you can create unique and easy text message polls, quizzes, or messages w/individual replies for all subscribes.

1) Lots of teacher moderation and privacy controls
2) You can send all types of media to subscribers
3) Easy to Subscribe and easy tracking of subscribers
4) Parents/community members can save the media and share with friends to "show off" their children's latest project!
5) Mobile web address
6) Mozes couples with Google video
7) You can have multiple key words (one for each class period, or one for each musical group)
8) Mozes lets you send out text message polls, surveys, quizzes, trivia facts to all subscribers!
9) Mozes allows for mass messages with unique and individual replies (such as asking if people would like tickets to a school event and how many they would like---thus virtual ticket sales).

1) It is only free for 180 days...then it is a small fee to use the service :(
2) Text messaging charges may apply for some.

Classroom Application:
Vocal and Instrumental music
As I mention, I think the strongest application for this particular resource is through the school's music department. I know (and have worked with) many school musical groups enjoy publishing a CD of their latest songs and original work. Mozes, would be a great way to send ring tones of songs to parents and community members (which they can share with relatives and friends directly from their cell phones). It is also a nice way to send information about benefits, fund raisers, and upcoming events. Using the poll feature, after an event, students could gather feedback about the event itself.

Virtual Art Gallery
Since all different types of media can be sent to subscribers, the art department at schools may also find this service useful. They could set up a virtual art gallery, where parents, community members, and art connoisseurs can subscribe to their children's art class, and enjoy updates of the latest work. They could also include information on upcoming art displays throughout the community.

School Musical or other Events
The upcoming school musical could easily be promoted and tickets could be sold using Mozes. A short promotional video, ringtone, or musical poster could be sent out to subscribers at Mozes, giving them information on purchasing tickets. Subscribers, could then text back their ticket purchase requests, then the student (or teacher) in charge of the Mozes account could actually send them a virtual ticket (via cell) with the ticket number and seating information! I think this could easily be done with other events such as concerts, plays, and benefits.

Before and After school Pop Quizzes! ...The fun kind
Using the easy poll/survey feature of Mozes, the teacher could create a Mozes account to send out "pop quizzes" to their students anytime! It could be a fun extra credit activity to see how current students are on class information (first one to text the correct answer back wins...), to test them on how quickly they can find information for the upcoming unit, or to get them to search for knowledge in their everyday lives (such as a local historical landmark).

Trivia Share
Using the trivia feature of Mozes, different students could be assigned to send out interesting trivia facts or data about the current or upcoming unit (maybe an extension of the information they are learning in class). They could also use the trivia feature to study for their upcoming unit quiz or test.

Information Gathering
Students in a science or social studies class could create a Poll concerning a controversial issue (such as stem cell research or the 2008 election), and send it out to subscribers to collect opinion polling data on the issue.

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