Sunday, February 17, 2008

10 engaging ideas for cell phones in learning

On Friday I presented at Eastern Michigan University on 10 ways to use a basic cell hones as a content-based learning tool. I couple the cell phone with 10 web2.0 resources. Below is the PowerPoint slide show that I shared during the presentation.

Here is a quick list of topics covered:
#1: Podcasting
#2: Brainstorming
#3: Note taking and Organization
#4: Photoblogging
#5: Photosharing
#6: Videoblogging
#7: Location Blogging
#8: Activist Alerts
#9: Conferencing
#10: Polls/Surveys

On a side note, when I was upload ing the PowerPoint to slideshare I found out that slideshare now has a "private" option for slide shows so they are not automatically public when uploaded!


Unknown said...

Hi Liz
Nice presentation full of interesting ideas to take away into the classroom. Did many delegates actually take the opportunity to make use of the resources you were showing them.


Liz Kolb, Ph.D. said...

Adam--Great question...I am not sure. Since it was a one-day presentation and not an ongoing workshop/class it is hard to tell. There were some teachers who approached me after wanting more information on a few (especially Gabcast and Talkshoe). One of the things I emphasized was that if the "cell phone" aspect of these resources were too far fetched they could still use almost all of these resources with their web-based versions. I wish there were a good way to get "long term" feedback if these resources were actually applied.

Adam Zurn said...

Thanks for the great list of ideas on how I can use cell phones in with students.

I'm having some success with my students using Gabcast to respond to assigned readings.

Adam Zurn

Liz Kolb, Ph.D. said...

Thanks for sharing the examples from your students. I love podcasting with Gabcast (isn't it great that it can go right on the blog!).


Anonymous said...

Great Article.

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