Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mobile Active...A mobile world

One of my favorite blogs is called Mobile Active. The site is devoted to topical issues concerning ways that social organizations and citizens are using their cell phones globally to advocate for a cause. I believe this is a great example of a site that believes cell phones can have a large impact on society for the good. There are many blog posts and article references concerning youth activism projects such as this one from Albania and citizen journalism activism such as this one from Sri Lanka. In addition there are great resources that teachers could take advantage of and use with their students such as using a piece of software to track greenhouse gases with their mobile phone. You can also get mobile data from any country in the world such as who are the mobile providers in a country or how many people subscribe to mobile service. There is a also a nice mobile application search so you can look for a mobile application that will meet your needs (such as finding an application that lets you conduct mobile polls for free). This site really inspires many of my ideas concerning student activism projects. I think it is also a great piece of evidence on how the use of mobile devices really permeates our global world and it is one tool that crosses cultures and can be a tool to promote understanding, tolerance, and communication around the world.


Katrin Verclas said...

Liz -- kudos right back to you! I love your site and draw inspiration from it (and aggregate some of your posts in our newsfeed :-)all the time. We should get together for coffee someday (are you ever on the East Coast?), two mobile-obsessed women :-)

Thanks for the great plug and thanks for your great blog!

All the best, Katrin from

Liz Kolb, Ph.D. said...

Thanks for the comment. Happy to plug your site anytime---it is fantastic! I will have to contact you the next time I am out East (or feel free to contact me when you are in Michigan).

Keep up the great work!


Windows Mobile said...

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