Thursday, October 11, 2007

Cell Phones bring countries together...lessoning the digital divide!

Mobile Africa is a website devoted to exploring cell phone communication and development in African nations. While a major concern over using technologies in the United States is that there are many developing countries that do not have access and thus cannot participate in business and social communication via computer technology. Yet, as the Mobile Africa site proves, cell phones are becoming a very prominent and common technology in many developing nations. Therefore teaching U.S. students how to use their cell phone as an everyday communication and professional tool may help with the new "flattened" world that we live in today. Often cell phones in developing countries are used for learning activities, especially distance learning and business activities. Hence if we can consider a cell phone a learning tool in developing continents such as Africa, than I think it is safe to consider the cell phone a potential learning tool in U.S. classrooms.

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