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Reading Apps for Kids are a Digital Wild West

Tracking K-12 Classroom Behaviors
Class Dojo
Class Charts

Brainstorming and Polling Tools


Creativity/Presentation Tools
Sock Puppets (K-6)
Puppet Workshop (K-6)
Felt Board (K-2)

Brain Breaks
C-Fit Kids
Kids Yoga Journey
Go Noodle (K-6)

Nutmeg Education

Digital Citizenship
Digital Passport (1-7)
Cyberbullying and Teens (6-12)

Math Focused
Wowzers (K-8)
eSparklearning (K-8)
UnKnown Square (K-2)
DreamboxLearning (K-8)
Matific (K-8)
DeepSeaDuel (2-3)
Mathmateer (K-5)
Tenmarks (K-12)
BigBrainz (K-6)
Sumdog (K-6)
FastMath (2-9)
ABCYa (K-2)
Dragonbox (K-12)
Prodigy (1-8)
Buzzmath (6-8)
ixlmath (K-12)
Fizzyslunchlab (K-2)
SushiMonster (3-7)
ThinkingBlocks (K-8)
Fetch Lunch Rush (K-3)
ScootPad (K-8)
BrainNook (K-3)
Virtual Manipulative (K-12)
Geogebra (6-12)
Solvy (2-12)
Quethink (4-12)
Jog Nog (3-12)
Lure of the Labyrinth (6-12)
Turbo Math (K-5)
Cleaver Dragons (K-6)
Mathtopia (K-6)
DoodleMath (K-5)
Motion Math Zoon (1-5)

Literacy Focused
Eggy Phonics (K-4)
Zondle (K-4)
Jog Nog (3-12)
Sky Fish Phonics (K-1)
Tell Me About It (K-2)
Cleaver Dragons (K-6)
eSparklearning (K-8)
WordRaider (2-12)
ScootPad (K-8)
BrainNook (K-3)
Word Creativity Kit (K-3)
Learn with Homer (K-8)
Pinky Dinky Doo (K-2)
ABC Pocket Phonics (K-1)
Play and Sing (K-1)
Booksy (K-2)
My Word Wall (K-2)
LetterLab (K-2)
StoryPatch (K-2)
Learn to Read (K-1)
Phonics Easy Reader (K-2)
Reading Raven (K)
SuperWhy (K)
K-3 Sight Words (K-3)
Find the Words (K-1)
Reading for Details (K-2)
Snap Learning (K-6)
One Minute Reader (K-8)
Grammaropolis (1-8)
Speech with Milo (K-2)
iStorytime Classics (K-12)
Endless ABC123 (K)
Sight Words Pro (K-5)
Reading Rainbow
Record of Reading (teacher tool)
Kids Vocab (by Mindsnacks) (1-6)
Voice Dream Writer (9-12)
WriteAbout (4-12)

Social Studies Focused
Ansel and Clair Series (2-9)
iCivics (4-12)
Ticket to Ride
Hstry Timelines
Snap Learning (K-6)
Stack the Countries/States (3-8)
Holocaust Museum App (6-12)
Apps related to Holocaust (6-12)
Civil War Today (8-12)
Civil War Battleground Apps (6-12)
History 3D
Civil War Game (6-12)
Kids Discover Apps (K-12)
Musket and Artillery Revolutionary War Game (6-12)
Rockstar Learning (6-12)
Gardners Photographic Sketch of Civil War
Being Global (K-5)
City Walks
U.S. Geography (4-7)
Hoopa City (2-7)

Science Focused
Snap Learning (K-6)
Jungle Rangers (K-2)
Sids Science Fair (K-2)
Kids Discover Apps (K-12)
Shutterbugs:  Wiggie and Stomp (2-4)
Jog Nog (4-12)
Cleaver Dragons (K-6)
Dino Tales (1-5)

World Languages
Live Mocha
Latin Builder
Latin Study Buddy
Beginning Japanese
Language Lab
City Walks

Art and PE

Kodable (K-5)
L2Code (7-12)
Daisy the Dinosaur (K-2)
Hoopa City (2-7)
Minecraft (2-18)

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